“Identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions.” 

Manager – Engineering Architecture (Executive Contract)

Feb 2016 – September 2018      Engineering Architecture        Engineering Services

Key Achievements:

  • Integrated support for new Letters processing equipment in major Letter Processing Facilities ($128 Million capital investment) into Engineering Services standard processes

  • Implemented restructure and realignment of Engineering Architecture and Maintenance Operations to afford $4 Million in labour cost saving

  • Negotiated and implemented $1.6 Million in residential maintenance support contract for StarTrak Road Express depots in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

  • Implemented $2.1 Million capital improvement program to provide safety upgrades across StarTrack Road Express depots


  • Responsibility for the strategic organisational leadership and governance of Mail Handling Plant

  • Ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements and ensuring that disciplined configuration and knowledge management is applied across the engineering group which mitigates risk at lowest sustainable cost.

  • Develop, implement and manage processes for mail handling plant to:

  • ensure safety

  • enable national consistency and standardisation

  • understand the cost and mitigate the risk

  • create a knowledge management system

  • Improve reliability and performance.