about Ian

'“Maintenance/Engineering professional with extensive experience and expertise in “Cradle to Grave” Asset Management of complex processing infrastructure to maximise performance and efficiency at the lowest cost. A flexible decision-maker with excellent leadership, change management, analytical, negotiating and communication skills”


Asset Management – Applying “Cradle to Grave” asset management for complex processing equipment to maximise return on capital investment and minimize business risk Supplier Relationship Management – Collaborative approach to ensure goals are aligned and met Contract Negotiation – With 3rd party suppliers and support vendors to ensure support arrangements are in place to mitigate risk and minimise costs Maintenance Optimisation - Using Reliability Centered Maintenance principles and other continuous improvement disciplines to optimise maintenance programs for complex processing equipment Inventory Management – To mitigate business risk at minimum cost Budget Management – Including labour and support budgets of over $20M Leadership and Change Management – Forming new support teams, restructuring existing teams and relocating teams. Stakeholder Engagement - Proactive and effective stakeholder engagements ranging from senior management support partners including 3rd party suppliers, Union bodies , multidisciplinary support teams and customers

What people say….

Ian is a great example of the cultural pillars. He drives Safety as good as anyone else in the corporation and this is typified in any safety incidents that occur Ian will be the first to ensure a proper investigation is done such as the inverter issue at SPF. Will go out of his way to assist not only other members of his group as well as others outside of his group which could be exemplified in the work he does with the project group to ensure a smooth transition of projects. Finally, he keeps our stakeholders advised in a timely manner through written communication to the progress of not only Safety matter(inverters are an example) but also financial (Peter Lunt capex forecasting) to the areas such as FTM's in the planning we do for Health Checks etc. -360 individual report 2018

Ian is constantly aware of the goings on across his extremely broad team & their sub-teams spanning both Post and StarTrack. Through his co-ordinated management and reporting of his teams -he knows and intimately understands the needs and requirement so from each area from a technical, strategic & budgetary perspective. From my observations, he is not afraid to question finer details and uses his logic and intelligence to make the best decisions for the business - 360 individual report 2018

Ian is always very thorough in his preparation & approach to all activities he's involved in. This typically ensures the outcomes delivered, are the best they can possibly be. Utilising a probing style of questioning, Ian often uncovers vital points of information that require consideration, and which others may not have yet identified. Personally, I've developed my skill set further, by merely observing Ian in vendor discussions. .- 360 individual report 2018